Hygiene at TAMET Food

Hygiene is an incredibly important subject in meat production. We devote a great deal of attention on the workfloor to this. Not only do we handle the meat very precisely during production, we also utilize a strict hygiene policy for our employees. We are happy to explain to you how we do this.

Hygiene at TAMET Food

We find the involvement and competence of the employees to be very important. We therefore give our people regular trainings and courses in the area of hygiene. The rules concerning hygiene can namely change from time to time. We therefore constantly keep an eye on the market developments and of course respond to them.

We can thus guarantee the quality of our products. In addition, the production spaces are equipped with the newest materials. We namely want to continuously improve and renew our company and therefore use the newest techniques.

EC identification

The products that we produce in our factor all include an EC identification and health mark. This unique number, which is provided to meat processing companies, shows that TAMET Food meets all the hygiene and equipment requirements of the EC. External parties, governments and our customers check annually whether we are applying the established guidelines in the right way. Of course we always pass these checks.

Thorough checks

After the production process, we check the döner kebab thoroughly, before it ultimately reaches our customers. We know from experience that this is an important point for our customers. We also pay close attention to the quality and the flavour of the meat. This makes us different than many other companies.


– Complies with the strict hygiene requirements
– Has earned the EC certificate
– Meets the halal guidelines and requirements

Experience our work method and our unique products for yourself! Do you choose quality? Then choose TAMET Food! Would you like more information? Let us know; we are happy to hear from you.

Kebab skewers

Fresh products are the most important thing - only the recipes are old.

Our certificates provide security for more efficient and safer processes in the choice of producers who ensure the consistently high quality standards.

Tamet Food

We are TAMET Food! A passionate and high-quality meat production company located in Rijen in Brabant.


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