Kebab skewers

Do you have a restaurant wholesale business, or are you a hospitality entrepreneur, and are you looking for high-quality products? Then you are at the right place with TAMET Food!

Because of the broad assortment, we can provide you daily with the freshest products that meet the highest standards. We only work with recognized suppliers, and we always do advance checks on the products that come in.

Specialist in Halal products

The products that we produce in our factory in Rijen are 100% halal. We work together with the company HQC (Halal Quality Control). They are specialized in the certification of Halal products. They have also awarded us with the halal certificate.

We take great care to ensure that the halal guidelines are followed from beginning to the final delivery. Halal is thus central for us in the whole process. This starts with monitoring the living conditions of the animals. The animals are handled according to the halal requirements. There are also no extra additives used.

Broad assortment

TAMET Food delivers a broad assortment of high-quality meat products. We thus offer, among other things, fresh products such as döner kebab chicken, chicken and turkey mix, ground döner, kofta and burgers. The meat that we produce is unique, thanks to the delicious flavours of the products. The secret is in the selection of the ingredients and the original recipes. Thanks to these recipes, we ensure that our döner always has the best flavour. The products are available in different numbers and packages. Customization is no problem for us; that is our strength!

Fast shipping service

We know all too well that fast shipping service is incredibly important.

Would you like more information about our products or services? Or would you like to receive a quote? Then contact us! We are happy to help you. All our products are 100% halal.

Our products

Kebab skewer

Chicken meat

Weight units from 5 to 250 kg

Our chicken doner kebab is made of chicken slices, which is produced from the thigh meat. The combination of this meat and our unique blend of spices creates the best doner kebab flavor.

All of the products have a best before date of at least one year shock frozen.

Kebab skewer

Turkey-Veal meat

Weight units from 5 to 250 kg

With the turkey-veal doner kebab we have another combination of meats to offer. We ensure that only high-quality turkey and veal meat is used. With our special spice selection we ensure a balanced and excellent taste.

All of the products have a best before date of at least one year shock frozen.

Kebab skewer

Turkey meat

Weight units from 5 to 250 kg

Our chicken-turkey doner kebab combines the benefits of chicken thigh and turkey thigh meat on one skewer. The specially seasoned slices of meat are put together assembled alternately on the skewer. This creates a unique doner kebab combination.

All of the products have a best before date of at least one year shock frozen.

Tamet Food

We are TAMET Food! A passionate and high-quality meat production company located in Rijen in Brabant.


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