Tamet Food

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meat production company


Customers trust us,

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Fresh products are the most important thing –

only the recipes are old

We serve the classic doner-kebabmarket and constantly open up new market segments.

High-quality products

Quality is a high priority for TAMET Food. For the production of our meat products in the döner factory, we use unique spices for which we have high quality requirements. We think it is important that customers can rely on good products that are prepared fresh daily. But also that the products are processed and produced under extremely hygienic conditions. For those reasons, we can proudly call ourselves the best döner manufacturer in the Netherlands.

What makes TAMET Food so special?

– Years of experience in the döner kebab industry
– First production company that introduced döner kebab in the Netherlands
– Use of unique spices for production
– Worldwide and fast delivery

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Kebab skewers

Fresh products are the most important thing - only the recipes are old.

Our certificates provide security for more efficient and safer processes in the choice of producers who ensure the consistently high quality standards.

Tamet Food

We are TAMET Food! A passionate and high-quality meat production company located in Rijen in Brabant.


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Tamet Food B.V.
Haansbergseweg 10
5121 LJ Rijen

Phone: +31 (0)161 220 792